Flea Treatments London

Welcome to 24 hour Pest Control East London and more information on our discreet Flea Treatments London.

Having fleas in the home can make life very uncomfortable to say the least, bites, itching, not wanting people to visit you or worrying that you may spread the fleas to friends and families homes if you visit. Its not a pleasant time. Fleas can quickly take over a home and spread further even on personal items to your work and other homes you visit. 

Our discreet flea control treatments in East London and Essex offer people the chance to have fleas removed from their homes and offices at affordable prices. Priced on the size of your property per room, we believe our charges are reasonable. Contact us today find out costs.

Our discreet Flea treatments in London are guaranteed and we will give in depth advice on how to prepare your home prior to the treatment.  Treating a house for fleas is a big treatment and preparation is vital so we will take you through what is needed before we carry out the flea extermination treatment.

Over the warmer months we are carrying out Flea treatments in London daily so the chances are we may not be far away from you now! 

  • Discreet Flea treatments London 
  • Treating floors, carpets, rugs
  • Sofas and beds 
  • 100% Effective spray treatments for fleas. 
  • Guaranteed results for all Flea pest control treatments.
24 Hour Pest Control East London cover all areas of London from Barking & Dagenham, flea treatments Romford, pest control Ilford or Beckton to pest control walthamstow, Brent Cross, Enfield or Bromley and Lambeth. We are also a 24 hour pest control company in London and operate 7 days a week so we can attend your property at a time that suits you. Just bear in mind there is a period that you cannot re enter the house after treatment. This will all be explained to you when you book the flea treatment.

Most fleas in the UK come from cats. Ensure your cat and bedding has had a suitable treatment too. Pets will also need to be removed from your home whilst the treatment is completed and not return until after the period of staying out is over.

So if you require a local flea treatment in East London or Essex give us a call today and we could have your home flea free in no time!

Usually a flea pest control treatment will take two visits to eradicate all fleas. This is dependent on how long you have had fleas in your home and how bad the level of flea infestation is. All areas of your property will be treated including beds, sofas and all floors. The property will require a hoover beforehand.

 Flea Treatments London

We will treat the whole property so some preparation is needed:
  • No personal items left out during the flea treatment
  • All shoes and items cleared from the floor
  • Bed sheets removed and to be washed at high temperature. Beds will be treated.
  • Under beds to be clear of items.
  • Pets not in the property as well as any people, only the pest control technician can be inside during the flea treatment. 

Thank you for choosing pest control East London, EPB, for your flea treatment in London. 

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