Pest Control Leyton

Welcome to Pest Control East London and more information on our local services for pest control Leyton.

We have been operation and providing pest control Leyton for over 15 years now and are employed by many local businesses and landlord and managing agents to look after their properties and keep them pest free.

Pigeons are a big problem in Leyton

One of our most requested pest control services in Leyton is for Pigeons. Pigeons are a pest that poses serious risk to health. Their fouling building up on roofs, window ledges and homes is dangerous if inhaled. 

Pigeon proofing solar panels is a service we carry out often in Leyton and Walthamstow. We remove all pigeons and nests from under the solar panels before we cage the solar panels in to prevent pigeons from getting back under them to nest.

If you have solar panels with pigeons under them then give us a call today for a free quote.

Pigeons also sit on window ledges and balconies. We can use netting or spikes to prevent this and clear up the pigeons droppings too.

Pigeons should be dealt with quickly and not left to nest 

Pigeon droppings pose a risk to health

Pest control leyton services

  • Mice control in Leyton. We also offer mouse proofing for homes.  A complete service.
  • Rat extermination in Leyton. Identify entry points too.
  • Bedbug removal East London. Our Bedbugs treatments in Leyton are detailed and guaranteed. 
  • Flea treatments in London. Fleas are a big problem and we can quickly and safely eradicate them.
  • Cockroach treatments London. Modern methods mean this is a simple pest to eradicate.
  • Pigeon control London. We have a wide variety of methods to prevent pigeons infesting your property.
  • 24 hour pest control Leyton. We are available if needed for an emergency call out in Leyton.
  • Squirrel removal East London. We can remove squirrels from your loft and close entry points.
  • Servicing agreements for businesses in London.
  • Property Inspections, end of tenancy treatments.

Based in Walthamstow, Leyton is one of our main areas of work. As your local pest control company we are usually able to attend either the same day or next morning. 

If you are having issues with rodents we will firstly eradicate them using the most effective method for the property type and depending on the rodent and then we shall return to complete rodent proofing. Rodent proofing is a vital part of the service but not all companies offer this so always be sure to check.

Mouse proofing in London is one of our most requested services and this is because of how we do it compared to others. We also guarantee our mouse proofing and pest control Leyton services.

Our technicians are friendly, helpful and always go the extra mile. Unlike large national companies we are not restrained by time and do not look for reasons not to do something which we hear so often. In fact our pest control technicians go out of their way to help and reassure people and do more than is required of them. That is the reason for our great reputation and online reviews. 

Contact pest control East London today for more information on our London bird control services, pest control services and our services for businesses.