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Welcome to Pest Control East London and more information on local pest control Leyton and bird control services.

Providing 24 hour Pest Control East London to homes and businesses, we have been operating and providing local pest control Leyton, Waltham Forest for over 18 years now and are employed by many local businesses and landlords as well as managing agents to look after their properties and keep them pest free.

Some of Leyton and Walthamstow’s most well known businesses use us for their properties and we have built great long term relationships.

  • 24 HourMice Control Leyton &  A Mouse Proofing Company In Leyton
  • Local Rat Control Leyton and Rodent Extermination London
  • Discreet Bed Bug Control Leyton 
  • Flea pest control Leyton
  • Ants, Spider Control for homes
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pest control Leyton

Rat extermination Leyton East London. Various options for Rat eradication and control. We investigate the causes of Rat problems and determine the reason for the infestation as well as eradicate them from your property. 

One of our most requested services for pest control in Leyton is for Pigeon control services for residential properties.  Pigeons are a pest that poses serious risk to health. Their fouling building up on roofs, window ledges and homes is dangerous if inhaled. We offer various pigeon services from fouling clean ups, spiking, solar panel proofing as well as property clean ups and clearances when pigeons have gained entry via an open window. 

We at 24 hour pest control East London offer various methods of pigeon removal for homes and businesses. Pigeon proofing solar panels is a service we carry out often in Leyton and Walthamstow. We remove all pigeons and nests from under the solar panels before we cage the solar panels in to prevent pigeons from getting back under them to nest.

If you have solar panels with pigeons under them then give us a call today for a free quote. Pigeons also sit on window ledges and balconies. We can use birdnetting or spikes to prevent this and clear up the pigeons droppings too.

Pigeons should be dealt with quickly and not left to nest. Contact us now for pigeon control

Pigeon pest control Leyton

Are you experiencing the first signs of mice within your home in Leyton? Seen a mouse in your kitchen or lounge?  Have you found some mouse droppings in the cupboard or behind the sofa? Mice can quickly become a big problem as they reproduce very quickly in high numbers.

Mice are expert climbers and can get info food cupboards and pose a risk to health. Mice control in Leyton is a daily task for us attending dozens of homes a week to rid them of mice.

Mice in Leyton have been on the increase all through 2020 and now 2021. Now is the time to have your home mouse proofed by us. Call today and speak to us about having your home mouse proofed in 2021

Contact us at local Pest Control East London and we can have a local pest control technician in East London with you quickly to assess the situation in your home and start the process of eradicating the mice safely and quickly. As most of our work is in Waltham Forest we are never far away from your home or business and daily attend multiple homes in the area.

We at 24 hour pest control East London offer guaranteed mouse proofing in Leyton and East London. We will fully identify entry points used by mice and close those entry points to prevent further problems with mice. This goes for Rats too. Our rodent proofing in Leyton is fully guaranteed.

Other leyton pest control services we offer are:

  • Discreet Bed bug control Leyton. Discreet London bed bug extermination.
  • Flea pest control services Leyton. Local flea pest control services for homes
  • Cockroach treatments in Leyton for homes
  • LocalPest Control contracts in Leyton for businesses
  • Ant control Waltham Forest
  • 24 hour Rat control Leyton and rodent proofing London

We are your local pest control company in Leyton for Rats, Mice, Bedbugs, Fleas and other pests that puts the customer first. No sales surveyors that over sell and over play issues. Just helpful, highly trained technicians. 

Fully insured. RSPH trained technicians and trade members. All of our pest control technicians are helpful with a can do attitude. Experts in mouse proofing for homes in London, Rat removal services in London, we can have your property pest free quickly.