Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

Whether you inherited the solar panels on your home or you have recently had them fitted, you have probably now unfortunately been plagued with pigeons nesting on your roof under your solar panels. Pigeons love to nest under solar panels. Solar panels provide birds and pigeons with an ideal location to nest and stay out of the elements.

With years of experience in pigeon control in London we have seen all levels of infestations and solved them.

Once pigeons have found solar panels on a roof to nest under it is unlikely they will leave of their own accord and the number of pigeons under the solar panels will grow and grow as will the amount of droppings falling from your roof.  London pigeon proofing solar panels is one of Pest Control East London's most requested pest control services in London and Essex.

Solar panels are everywhere and are still being fitted to many homes across London and the home counties. This means that as one home has their solar panels pigeon proofed, the pigeons just move on to another property close by, often the closest house nearby with panels. Pest Control East London Pigeon Control services are guaranteed.

Our London pigeon control services are for homes and businesses and we have a solution for all types of pigeon infestations  Our London pigeon proofing solar panels service includes: Cleaning out the gutter of pigeon fouling and mess. Often full of fouling and debris.  Removing pigeons from under the solar panels and pigeon nests from under the solar panels. Using only the best materials for pigeon proofing solar panels in London and Essex. No chicken wire, cheap mesh or spikes.

These pigeon prevention methods do not work. We use specific solar panel fixing methods. No drilling into your solar panels which can damage the panels. No damage from our work.Pest Control East Londonoffer solar panel proofing in London and solar panel proofing in Essex. 

pigeon proofing solar panels London


We cover all areas of London and Greater London so whether you are in Leyton, Enfield, Catford or Wimbledon we can pigeon proof solar panels for you. We believe that our method of solar panel proofing for pigeons is unmatched. 

The easiest way to get a free quote for pigeon proofing solar panels is to email us or send through some pictures of your solar panels and the side of the property they are on. Our London solar panel proofing services are guaranteed. To date there have been no issues or call backs from any solar panel pigeon proofing that Pest Control East London have installed across London, Essex or Kent.

The quality of work and installation is very high and our method of pigeon proofing solar panels looks good and will continue to look good over the years. Pest Control East London will also clean out your gutter under the solar panels as this will often be blocked with pigeon droppings and twigs they have used to nest.

Pest Control East London will also remove pigeon nests from under solar panels once any birds have fled the nest and we will remove pigeons from under solar panels. We will ensure that before we cage in solar panels they are clear underneath.  Contact us for more information.

The following are some examples of efforts to proof solar panels that do not work.

Pigeon proofing solar panels should only be carried out by professional pest controllers like Pest Control East London. We see so often people that have paid a fee to someone who cold called then they have pigeons under the solar panels again within days. No warranty. No receipt. No way of contacting anyone.

Then having to pay again to have the work to be done properly and extra to have the old stuff removed.  Pest Control East London guarantee all of our work. Attend at an appointed time and date and work tidy, safely and with no damage to your roof or property. 

Call the experts in pigeon proofing solar panels today. Call Pest Control East London. We also have other bird control in London and Bird control in Essex measures such as netting for balconies, spikes for shop signage or window ledges and clean up treatments for pigeons.