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Welcome to Pest Control East London and more information on our discreet Bed bug control London treatments in London. We specialise in bed bug control treatments for London that are affordable, safe and guaranteed and we cover all of London, Essex and Kent. 

  • In depth bed bug extermination treatments in London that include treating all of the furniture, beds, floors in the home.
  • In depth bed bug treatment advice on room preparation before any treatment is carried out.
  • Discreet and Guaranteed treatments. Affordable bedbugs removal London.
  • 24 Hour Bedbugs Pest Control London discreet service 
  • Bed Bugs London blog for preparation advice and lots of information on bedbugs and how to get rid of them
If you think you have bed bugs in your home then you are in the right place. Here at Pest Control East London we have been providing bed bug control London for over a decade and have cleared the worst infestations!

Bed bugs advice Take a read of our Bed Bugs London blog and find the answer to all of the questions you may have regarding bed bugs, bed bug control London treatments, how you get bed bugs, bites or bed bug eggs, including some useful pictures and facts. This really is a great tool in fighting bed bugs and the start of ridding your home of this pest.

Pest Control East London ensure that our discreet London bedbugs control treatments are detailed and that all items in the infested area are treated. There is no time limit for treatments, it takes as long as it takes to carry out the treatment correctly. Bed bug Treatments on average usually take between 1 to 3 hours depending on how many rooms require a treatment and how well prepared the rooms are for the bed bug removal treatment. We hear stories of 20 minute bed bug treatments in London...

We provide a guarantee with our bed bug control treatments in London and our pest control London services and that means you can be sure that your home will be free of bedbugs once the treatment process is complete. All of our London bed bug treatments are discreet too and we provide in depth room preparation before the bedbug  treatments is completed 

00Our bed bug control treatments in East London are always effective and our clients always happy and willing to recommend us. Leading pest control Ilford, Pest control Romford and pest control Walthamstow service that provides the level of service and treatments you expect to get for your money.

Pest Control East London are experts in safe bed bug control in London. Our bed bug treatments are always discreet too. Bed bug control London is one of our most requested treatments and we have vast experience and knowledge of bed bug removal treatments and how to ensure that your home is bed bug free permanently. If you need a bed bug inspection contact us today. 

Pest Control East London will take your through all stages of the bed bug control process upon an initial inspection and also support you from the first step until the bed bug infestation is cleared up. This is probably a very stressful situation for you and we understand that. However we have the knowledge and experience to clear up any infestation. Often people worry further because of what they read on sites about how you need heat or steam or a 6 part treatment with this and that. Its not the case. What is needed is experience and knowledge. 

Along with our London bed bug control London services we provide first class advice in terms of a blog that is read more than 20 countries around the world Bed Bugs London

As for the London bedbugs treatments itself, we guarantee the bed bugs will be totally eradicated from your home fast. 

Pest Control East London provide bed bug control London 6 days a week so call to arrange a visit now.

If you think you have had a bed bug bite, seen a bed bug on your bed or found blood spots, do not leave it to chance. Contact us today. Dealing with a bed bug infestation early can make a huge difference in the length of time bed bugs have in your home and are able to breed. 

Many people try to carry out D.I.Y bed bug control treatments but very very few succeed in removing bed bugs permanently. This is because there are no products available that can match the knowledge and experience of a pest control company that has dealt with bed bugs for many years. Killing the bed bugs is only part of the treatment, eggs and ensuring all furniture is clear and other  things we wont list are also essential. 

Pest Control East London believe our cost for effective bed bug control London is reasonable and we constantly monitor industry prices to ensure it stays that way.. We are used by several landlords across London and Essex to keep their properties pest free. If you are a landlord contact us to see what services we can offer you. 

Contact us today   or see our services page.

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