Bed bug Control London is one of our most requested pest control services in London and bed bugs are still on the increase in all major cities around the world.

If you have bed bugs or think you do then the most important thing is not to move items from the room that has them to other rooms. This will spread the infestation from one place to another by transporting the bed bugs of their eggs on items being moved.

We are experts in safe and effective treatments and discreet bed bugs control in London. Our technicians are vastly experienced in bed bug treatments in homes and hotels. The level of service provided is also second to none and this is shown in the dozens of five star reviews we have online.

  • Non toxic bed bug heat treatments in London
  • Bed bug spraytreatments
  • Bed bug inspections for homes and hotels
  • Pre treatment advice on room preparation

Bed bugs can cause stress and sleepless nights. We understand that finding bed bugs or being bitten by a bed bug is very stressful and worrying.  Rest assured our technicians are friendly and go the extra mile and we are happy to assist with room preparation if needed.

bed bug control London

Bed bug pest control in London for homes, hotels and hostels. Over the years we have cleared bed bug infestations from all sorts of places including vans, cars and boats. We have eradicated the worst levels of bed bug infestations so you are in good hands with us. 

Contact us today for assistance with bed bug extermination in London. Our pest control services are affordable, guaranteed  and 100% effective.

We treat all beds, sofas, furniture and carry out an inspection of all areas to see how far bed bugs could have spread in your property.