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Mice Control London

Mice Control London

Pest Control East London offer 24 hour mice control London as well  as mouse proofing London. Our London mice control treatments are our most requested London pest control treatment and is available to homes across the whole of London as well as Essex and Kent. We offer an in depth understanding of why and how you come to have mice inside your home or business and during our initial visit we will provide detailed explanations of how we will proof your home and prevent re infestations at a later date from Mice.

Most people have mice in the home because of holes that have been there years or after some recent building work carried out that they are not aware of. At any time mice could find their way into your property.

Having been providing mice pest control London for 14 years we have vast experience and knowledge that ensures all of our pest control treatments are effective. This is why we are so confident that we can guarantee our mice control London treatments and mouse proofing services for homes and ad you to our growing list of clients that are only to happy to recommend us to family and friends. Contact us for more information on our pest control London treatments for mice.

We take great pride in the level of service we give and our reputation and as a family business, we find that once we have provided a pest control service for someone they recommend us and use us again in the future. We provide our pest control services across London such as pest control Ilford, pest control Walthamstow and pest control Romford, Wanstead and Chigwell.

If you have just noticed some mouse droppings or you are seeing mice running around your home, its time to act now. Our mice control London services include both baiting to wipe out the infestation of mice and mouse proofing services, we do not use expanding foam for mouse proofing. We will not use a material that is not going to last. Instead we opt for materials such as cement and wood, fill the hole with whatever material it was originally. This is how we can guarantee our mouse proofing in London will last and is one of the best services available. Get in touch to book an appointment for mice control London today!

Mice can quickly infest a home or business and pose health risks as well as damage to stock, food and your property. If you have noticed the first signs of a mouse infestation then it is time to act and contact us today. Do not leave it any longer as mice breed fast and if left a simple mouse control treatment can become more complicated.

Mice control London and Essex is available 7 days a week and we also operate a 24 hour mice control London service for emergency call outs.  Treatments consist of baiting and mouse proofing or alternative mice control treatments such as traps which is all dependent on your property type and other factors. Mouse treatments vary but in homes our most common mice control in London treatment is baiting which will remove any mice but we do advise that proofing is always completed so that more mice do not return the next year. This is an effective method of removing mice from the home and keeping them away.

Mouse control baiting treatments include using poisons that are placed in secure boxes that can only be opened with a key and these are placed into key areas such as under kitchen units. These boxes are safe around children.

Mouse proofing London is a pest control service we provide a lot of in the local areas of East London such as pest control Walthamstow, pest control Ilford, Stratford and Barking and Dagenham as well as North London, Tottenham, Muswell Hill, Enfield. Mice breed fast and have large litters so the longer you leave mice in your property the greater the risk of disease and of them multiplying into high numbers. For more details about mice control contact us today.

Our mouse proofing in London will consist of:

  • Identifying and sealing all mouse entry points into your property. A mouse entry point is a hole mice use to access the house.
  • Inside and outside below waist height inspections and proofing for entry points.
  • Cementing holes, replacing wood, sealing gaps. No using expanding foam for mice removal.

Pest Control East London can attend your home or business today so contact us to discuss our mice pest control London treatments. We provide pest control East London, North London and 24 hour pest control Essex so wherever you are we will come to you. We offer both commercial and residential pest control.

Give us a call if you would like more information on mouse removal in London. We can give you all the information you need and prices and book you a date for any mice control treatment. 

Where ever you are in London, North London, East London, we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, if you need pest control Walthamstow, Stratford, Dagenham or in Beckton and Canning Town or pest control Ilford, Plaistow and East Ham, we can have a local pest control technician with you within 90 minutes if you call now.

 Other pest control services in East London we provide:

Pest Control East London are a Walthamstow pest control and Dagenham based pest control company who operate across East London, provide pest control North London and Essex 7 days a week and 24 Hours a day. Services include residential pest control in London, commercial pest control in London and Essex, mice control London and also bed bug control London, proofing, flea and cockroach extermination.

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