Mice control London is our most requested London pest control service for residential properties. 

If you have mice within your home or your business we can guarantee to not only eradicate them but keep them out long term! Mouse proofing in London is a service we are experts in. Our proofing service is both in depth and effective. Ensuring that every possible route into your property has been identified and then sealed with materials that will last long term.

Mice control London

Mice Control London

Providing Pest Control East London for residential and commercial properties for nearly 20 years. Dealing with mice in homes and businesses is vital to ensure the risk to health is quickly eliminated and to prevent the infestation spreading. Due to the reproduction rate of mice they can soon spread to every part of your property. 

Mice can also damage items, chew food and doors, they urinate everywhere they run and climb and will often be on your work tops during the night looking for food. This is why it is vital to sterilise food preparation areas every morning.

This is what to expect from our mice control treatments

  • Inspections of the area affected
  • Various methods of mice control available 
  • Identifying entry points used by mice
  • Mouse proofing that is effective long term]
  • Air vents covered
  • All mouse proofing in London is fully guaranteed
  • Vastly experienced
  • NPTA & RSPH trained
  • Hundreds of five star online reviews

Send us an email with some information on your property, where you have seen mice, for how long and any other details you want to let us know about. We are always happy to help and assist. Every property and infestation is different. Everyone has different concerns, questions and requirements. Feel free to email at any time.

Non toxic mice control London

We also offer non toxic mice control in London which is equally as effective and fully guaranteed. This is a great option for those that would not feel comfortable having rodenticides used in their property. We at Pest Control East London are always happy to avoid used any rodenticides when possible. We do employ think wildlife measures and are only to happy to eradicate mice without the use of rodenticides.

If you have a commercial property and require commercial pest control in East London then look no further. Our pest control services are available in North London, East London, South East London and the city as well as Essex. 

Our commercial mice control in London is tailored to each business. We provide pest control services in London to a variety of business types from restaurants and bars, to factories and offices to schools, coffee shops and stores.

As a family run local pest control company in East London we have a friendly and can do attitude and always give great customer service. Every client matters to us and we build great relationships with all. This is why we have such a fantastic reputation online and in the local communities we serve.


Residential mice control London