Mouse Proofing London

Residential Mouse proofing East London is our most requested pest control service for rodents and it is not surprising when we have one of the highest online ratings among local pest control companies in East London for mouse proofing and mice and rat extermination services.

Our reviews do not lie. Our customers over the last 18 years have relied on us to eradicate mice from their home and business and then keep them out long term. We do. We guarantee our London mouse proofing too. We even have flat fee costs on all of our London pest control services and no over selling or hidden charges. 

Thank you for choosing local East London pest control companies like us over large national ones. 

Mouse proofing for homes is vital to ensure that you and your home do not suffer repeat infestations of mice over and over and year after year which is what will happen if the entry points are not closed and the mouse proofing isn’t done correctly. 

Often this part of a mice control service is not offered by some East London pest control companies but we at EP pest control East London offer it and guarantee it too. Mice control East London is our most requested service and we have cleared up even the worst level of infestations from houses, flats, warehouses, offices and all types of properties.

mouse proofing london

  • 24 hour mice control East London.
  • Guaranteed residential Mouse Proofing East London & North London.
  • Highly experienced, Can do attitude. Friendly technicians.
  • Residential & Commercial pest control in East London 
Mice urinate constantly when moving around, such as on kitchen work tops and food preparation areas looking for food. They contaminate food and damage items that are in their way. They will chew items to use as nesting material. Cause the area they frequent to smell.

Mice can only enter your property if there are holes however for them to do so and this is something that must be identified and then sealed after the eradication process to ensure no future re infestations. Our London mouse proofing services are designed to eliminate and the prevent future infestations.

This is done over a three step process depending on the level of rodent activity within the property. If you have found mouse droppings or are hearing scratching from mice then now is the time to contact us to arrange a pest control technician to visit your property. Leaving mice to reproduce will only make the infestation worse due to their reproduction rate. Act fast and call 24 hour pest control East London today.

We at Pest Control East London offer a complete mice extermination service in London and this is one of our most requested London pest control services and its guaranteed. We specialise in resimouse proofing in London so get in touch today.

Wherever the mice are entering your home from we will find that entry point and then seal it.

All areas will be inspected for mice entry points and proofed accordingly to prevent further infestations of mice.

Mouse proofing London of a kitchen

24 Hour Pest Control East London will: 

  • Find and fill all holes that are mice entry points inside and outside below waist height. 
  • Only use the best materials for our residential mouse proofing London service.
  • Mice extermination to eradicate mice from your property prior to mouse proofing being completed. 
  • Guarantee our residential mouse proofing services London.
  • Offer Mice control East London, North London and Essex and a call out service.

Mouse Proofing London

If you are a landlord or tenant and you need residential mice control London and a fast and safe method of rodent eradication get in touch today. If you are a business owner then contact us today. We provide our services to all across North London and East London including some of London’s most well known businesses. Mice that are left to breed can quickly get into double figures in your property. Do not let any infestation get out of hand before deciding to call the professionals. It only makes the treatment longer and the risk of illness or disease higher. We guarantee our mouse proofing in London so call us today and let us rid your property of mice.