Mouse Proofing London

Mouse proofing is vital to ensure that you do not suffer infestations of mice over and over and year after year. Often this part of a rodent treatment is not offered by companies but we at pest control East London offer it and guarantee it.

We will only carry out proofing along with the full mouse treatment however so we can ensure a home is clear of mice before we cement up entry points.

mouse proofing for homes

  • Guaranteed treatments for mice and mouse proofing for homes in London.
  • Full eradication and prevention service.
  • Can usually attend the same day.
  • Various mice control methods available. 
  • 24 hour pest control East London for Mice and Rats. 
  • Cement and wood used for mouse proofing in London. Will last long term.

Pest Control East London offer Mouse proofing in London for homes and effective local mice control treatments in London to homes and business. Rats and Mice if left can breed fast and quickly infest your property, cause damage, risk of disease and loss of reputation for businesses such as restaurants or disease and illness in the homes. 

Mice urinate constantly, contaminate food and damage items that are in their way. Mice in London do seem to be everywhere however they will only enter your property if there is a hole for them to do so and this is something that must be identified and then sealed after the eradication process to ensure no future re infestations. Our mouse proofing services are designed to eliminate and the prevent future infestations. This is done over a two or three step process depending on the level of rodent activity within the property.

Many pest control companies do not even offer mouse proofing services so you run the risk of having mice infest your home again at a later date so we always advise that you check with any company that they will return to seal holes after the rodent extermination is done.  We offer a complete mice extermination service and this is one of our most requested London pest control services and its guaranteed. We specialise in mouse proofing in London so get in touch today.

Mouse proofing London. This service will include checking all areas of a property but from experience the most common areas for entry points are the kitchen and under stairs cupboards if they have electric meters in and we can ensure that these mouse entry are closed and remain closed.

All areas will be inspected for mice entry points and proofed accordingly. 

Guaranteed mouse proofing services.

Mouse proofing London of a kitchen

Pest Control East London will: 

  • Find and fill all holes that are mice entry points inside and outside below waist height. 
  • Only use the best materials for our mouse proofing London service.
  • Cement, wood, sealants. No expanding foam which is messy and can be chewed through in minutes.
  • Baiting treatments to eradicate mice from your property prior to mouse proofing being completed. 
  • Guarantee our mouse proofing treatments in London.
  • Offer Mice control 7 days a week in North London, East London and Essex and a call out service.

Mouse Proofing London

If you are a landlord, tenant or your need mice control London and them eradicated from your business then contact us today. Mice that are left to breed can quickly get into double figures in your property. Do not let any infestation get out of hand before deciding to call the professionals. It only makes the treatment longer and the risk of illness or disease higher. We guarantee our mouse proofing in London.

An infestation of mice could occur at any time for a number of reasons. Perhaps an adjoining property has had some building work, or road works have disturbed nests or other reasons. If there are holes in your property and mice find their way in they will be staying. Mouse proofing is the answer along with a treatment to remove the mice beforehand. 

Most properties have holes in the same areas, holes that you may not even be aware of. If you would like more advice then get in touch with Pest Control East London today regarding mouse proofing London or Essex. We try to ensure we provide affordable pest control by keeping all treatments affordable whilst ensuring they stay effective. Mouse proofing services are guaranteed for six months. We never have any call backs as we do it properly first time. Do not waste money and mouse proof with expanding foam. It will fail. Rodents can chew through foam in minutes. We have seen it. Also, if you have expanding foam mouse proofing done and then we have to remove the expanding foam before we can carry out our mouse proofing services then there will be an additional charge as this is a time consuming task.

Our mouse proofing services include all rooms of the home, kitchen will always be the main area of activity and usually where 90% of the mouse proofing will need to be done. Also any cupboard that is under the stairs with electric meters in is another location that will normally require mouse proofing. We will inspect all rooms and external areas below waist height for any potential entry points and then proof them accordingly.