Mouse Proofing London

Residential Mouse proofing East London is our most requested London pest control service for rodents. We have one of the highest online ratings among local pest control companies in East London for mouse proofing and mice and rat extermination services.

Our reviews do not lie. Our customers over the last 18 years have relied on us to eradicate mice from their home and business and then keep them out long term. We do. We guarantee our London mouse proofing too. We even have flat fee costs on all of our London pest control services and no over selling or hidden charges. 

Thank you for choosing local East London pest control companies like us over large national ones. 

Mouse proofing for homes is vital to ensure that you and your home do not suffer repeat infestations of mice over and over and year after year which is what will happen if the entry points are not closed and the mouse proofing isn’t done correctly. 

Often this part of a mice control service is not offered by some London pest control companies but we at EP pest control East London offer it and guarantee it too. Mice control East London is our most requested service and we have cleared up even the worst level of infestations from houses, flats, warehouses, offices and all types of properties.

mouse proofing london

Wherever the mice are entering your home from we will find that entry point and then seal it.

All areas will be inspected for mice entry points and proofed accordingly to prevent further infestations of mice.

Our mouse proofing consists of covering all air vents. Using cement where possible to close entry points used by mice.  All areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, fireplaces and other common entry routes will be checked and we can ensure we prevent mice gaining entry from any entry point found.

All of our mouse proofing is fully guaranteed too.

Mouse proofing London of a kitchen