24 hour Pest control in East London, North London & we also cover South East London

Some of the services we provide are the following:

One of our most requested pest control services in London is mouse proofing for homes. Mice control is only half of the service. To ensure that a property remains free of mice it is essential that mouse proofing is completed to find and seal all entry points including covering air vents.

We are experts at mouseproofing homes in London. We also fully guarantee our pest control services for your peace of mind. 

Another London pest control service that is one of our most requested is bed bug control in London. Bed bugs are still a huge problem in London, like other major cities and this is a pest that has the ability to spread quickly from room to room and property to property.

If you think you have bed bugs then acting fast is vital. We specialise in safe and effective bed bug control in London. Our services include inspections, pre treatment room preparation advice as well as in depth bed bug extermination that includes treating all furniture, beds and sofas.

London pest control services

Effective and affordable pest control services in East London, North London and South East London for residential and commercial properties. 

Basis Prompt members, NPTA members, Fully insured and highly qualified.

Here at pest control East London we provide a friendly and personal service. Being a family run company we like to give a personal approach  to how we deal with our clients. Our technicians always go the extra mile, ensuring that they do all they can for our clients. This is why we have such a fantastic reputation online 

Whatever pest problem you have we guarantee that we can resolve it and at an affordable price. We also guarantee our treatments.